The Full Moon and Empire universe, and the storied alumni that reside within, is so dense with history, you could make a magazine and never run out of material. So…that’s exactly what we did!

DELIRIUM magazine - a bi-monthly, full color, pulp-fiction-salute print periodical dedicated to exploring and celebrating the joy of making movies. For over four delirious decades, filmmaker Charles Band has created some of cinema’s weirdest and wildest horror, fantasy and exploitation genre movies. This is a bloody, bold, and beautiful magazine published by Band, produced by the Full Moon Features team and edited by filmmaker, film journalist and FANGORIA Magazine editor-in-chief Chris Alexander. DELIRIUM features exclusive interviews, bizarre stories, garish photos from Band’s expansive and foreboding vaults (many of which have never been seen before), posters, retrospectives, special FX make-up secrets, laughs, shocks, thrills and chills. Delirium will be published 6 times a year and available at Dark Delicacies and via

ATTENTION all horror websites, podcasts and blogs: The FIRST issue of DELIRIUM – our new magazine in which the many stories surrounding Charles Band’s legendary Empire Pictures and Full Moon Features factories are riffed on in exciting, inventive ways - is hot off the press and we’d love to send you a copy – only 3K printed – to peruse and hopefully review. Drop a request to and state your name, outlet and mailing address and we’ll make sure you get yours!

Delirium will be published 6 times a year and available at
Dark Delicacies.

Event address: Dark Delicacies
3512 W Magnolia Blvd,
Burbank, CA 91505
(818) 556-6660